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On its 8th Anniversary, WhatsApp just rolled out a new update – WhatsApp Stories feature which will enable Whatsapp users to share images and videos with all of their contacts in the instant messaging app — something that they couldn’t do earlier, of course. The feature is very similar to Instagram Stories, which of course was inspired by Snapchat Stories.

Check out the guide on how to use the new feature:


Now, instead of drab and boring status updates like “Hey there, I’m on Whatsapp” or “Busy” or “Do not disturb”, Whatsapp Status will allow users to embed video that they’ve shot or personal photos. Wonder if GIFs are allowed? That really spices things up. All these Whatsapp Status messages will disappear after 24 hours, just like Instagram or Snapchat Stories.

WhatsApp tested the feature for beta users in November, and now the Status tab is rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Users can watch updates from friends and reply privately, shoot and adorn their imagery with drawings and captions and send their creations to all their contacts they’ve chosen with a persistent privacy setting. Sending media to specific friends is still done through message threads.

Instagram was bold enough to stick Stories in its main tab above its feed, while WhatsApp is burying Status a lot more in a separate tab.

Here’s how the status tab looks like on the new update:


Also now you can see who view your WhatsApp status and it shows in the Status tab section:

who can view

WhatsApp has always been concerned with the security of its product. And they provide pretty good features to the users to keep their privacy on the messaging app. Whatsapp claimed that these Status messages will be secure and encrypted from end-to-end, ensuring no one apart from the Whatsapp user’s contact list gets to see their latest Whatsapp Status. Earlier in February, goingWhatsApp had introduced a two-step verification feature to secure user’s account much better than before.


Mark Zuckerberg, obviously, owns both Facebook and Whatsapp, and the social turf war seems all wrong for Snapchat right now. Who will win?  

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