We have been using the Internet for many years but despite that, we have missed plenty of Internet tricks. We have sorted out some hand-picked Internet tricks which we are sharing today at Gizest.

#1  Check if a Website is Safe for Browsing

You can check a website is safe to visit or not by typing the following address in your browser:


You should replace the gizest.com with the domain name of a website that you want to check.

#2  Use Your Browser As Notepad

Open your browser and type the following code in the address bar, hit enter and you will be able to type in your browser.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Bookmark it so that you can use it anytime you want.

#3  Useful YouTube Keyboard  shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Action (Seekbar should be selected)
Numbers 1 to 9 Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video
Number 0 Seek to the beginning of the video
Home / End Seek to the beginning / last seconds of the video
<- / -> arrow Jump back / ahead 5 seconds in the current video
  1. To make the above shortcuts work, make sure that the seek bar is focused.
  2. The numeric pad keys won’t work.

#4  Convert a YouTube Video into Animated GIFs

Do you know that there’s an easy way to make animated GIFs out of your favorite YouTube video? Just Navigate to YouTube, and the video you like to turn into an animated GIF. Add gif before youtube in the URL (see the marked portion below).

You’ll immediately be redirected to gifs.com and you will see the video getting converted into animated gif.

#5  Talk to Martian

Google buried an Easter egg in Google Earth. In this feature, you can talk to a bot pretending to be a Martian.

To get to it, install Google Earth start it. Go to the top of the screen and find the little Saturn. Click it, and select Mars.

google mars

Now type Meliza in a search box and click search, it will take you to coordinates you see at the bottom of the next screenshot. There you will find Meliza, the alien from Mars.

google mars

Click on the bot and you can chat with an alien bot.

google mazila

#6  Browser’s Task Manager

Did you know that Chrome and Firefox have their own task manager? Browser Task Manager lists all the process of a browser which runs in the browser background.

To open it in Chrome, just press SHIFT + ESC button together.

To open it in Firefox, visit about: the performance from the address bar.

#7  Shortcut to Website

You can directly open any website by just press Ctrl + Enter button together after typing the name of the website without preceding with “www” and “HTTP://” and appending “.com” at the end.

#8  Konami Code

Turn your volume up, Go to Digg.com, enter the Konami code – “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A”, and wait and watch what will happen!!.

#9  Package Tracking

Google tacking google hidden features

With Google package tracking feature, there is no need to enter your tracking number on the website of the sender or websites such as USPS, UPS or FedEx, simply type it into Google Search and it will provide you all the details you want to know.

#10  Private Browsing

Major browsers offer a facility of private browsing in which they do not keep downloads and browsing history, no cache and does not allow cookies.

Browsers Shortcut Keys for Private Browsing
Chrome Ctrl+Shift+N(Incognito mode)
Firefox Ctrl+Shift+P (Private Window)
Microsoft Edge Ctrl+Shift+P (InPrivate Browsing)
Opera Ctrl+Shift+N(Private Window)

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