How many URLs do you remember? How many of them is Google’s? Do you know how many you have missed? We have dig into Google and sorted out some hand-picked useful links. Today at GIZEST, we are sharing top 10 Google links you should know.

#1 Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener simplifies (shorten) URLs. For example, the simplified URL of is

It also offers Analytic Data and QR code of the URL.

#2  Google Android Device Manager
If you have lost your Android phone or can not locate it, then you can use the Google Android Device Manager to locate your phone. You can see the device location on Google Maps and also Ring the device. You can remotely lock and reset the device password or erase data on the device.

 #3  Saved Passwords
If you have ever typed and saved the username and passwords in Google Chrome and Android for signing into various websites then you should know that you can view them by using the tool name Saved passwords.

#4  Legal Help

If another website illegally hosting your content, then you can raise a complaint and report it to Google against that site to remove the stolen content.

#5  Ads Settings

Google keeps an ad profiles of you based on your Google+ profile, web activity, locations you travel, ads you have clicked, etc. Google uses it to serve you the most relevant advertisements.

#6  My Activity

My Activity lists the past search terms you have made on Google Search. It carries information about the searches you have performed on Maps, News, Google+, Chrome, Android, Ads, YouTube (also watched history), etc. You can filter a list by date and products.

#7  Takeout

Google also enables you to export all of your data out of the Google. You can download your Contacts, Tasks, Google Drive Files, Google+ Pages, Bookmarks, Youtube Subscription, etc.

#8  Inactive Account Manager

If you not login to your Gmail account for 9 months not even once then Google may terminate your account according to its Program Policies. By Using Inactive Account Manager, you can decide when your account is treated as inactive, what happens with your data and who is notified.

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