WhatsApp launched its video calling feature on November 14 2016 to give tough competition to other video calling apps. Let’s talk about the top 5 video calling apps available for the mobile platform.

5. Facetime

Facetime is a video calling app popular on the iOS platform and has been popular app on iOS. FaceTime is a good app if the other person is also using an Apple device.

FaceTime doesn’t support group calling and it’s not available on Android platform.


4. Google Duo

Google Duo was launched recently along with Google Allo and has impress users across the world for its compact size and lite nature.

Google Duo has some unique feature like HD 720p video. Optimized for low bandwidth mobile networks and “Knock Knock”  which shows a live preview of the caller before the recipient picks up, which Google says is to “make calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption”.

Google Duo will soon replace Hangout as the default video calling app.

Google Duo

3. Hangout

Hangout was launched in 2013 and has been one of the favorite apps for video conferencing who don’t use Skype. The most interesting feature of Hangout is that the number of people who can chat at the same time together i.e. group chat. Earlier it was 10, but Google increased the number to 25 for business/education purpose.

Just like Skype it’s not free to call to mobile or landline users.


2. Skype

Launched in 2003 with over 750 registered users and 300 million active users is not only popular on desktop platform but on mobile platform too. Its biggest advantage is its compatibility with different kind of devices.

However calling to mobile and landline users is not free.


1. Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app on the mobile platform and it is very user friendly and used by approx. 1+ billion users across the globe.

In April 2016, Facebook Messenger launched “Group Calling”, allowing users to add up to 50 participants simultaneously over the internet.

Recently Facebook added preview feature inspired from Google Duo which shows a live preview of the caller before the recipient picks up.


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