Google Easter Eggs

Google has beautifully hidden lots of Easter Eggs within your search bar that you might have missed. And we have dug out some the best Google Easter Eggs and shared in this post.

#1  Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a parlour game based on the “six degrees of separation” concept which suggests that any two people are six or fewer acquaintance links apart. Google also rolled out this game in the Easter Eggs list.

Move over to Google Search and type in the name of a celebrity followed by “bacon number” and Google crunches the numbers for you, it spits out how many degrees of separation the person is from Kevin Bacon — their bacon number.

The strangest [Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon match] was somebody connected me to John Wilkes Booth in six degrees or less. And what’s interesting about that is that when John Wilkes Booth was an actor, there were no films, but someone that he acted with, who would I guess be quite a bit younger than him, was in some stage production grew up and became old enough to be in … silent films, and then it kind of went on from there to the talkies, and I was connected to him in six degrees. So, you know, a dubious distinction. – Kevin Bacon


#2  Pacman

Just type “pacman” on the Google search and hit enter, and you will get to play the legendary game of the retro gaming universe, the one and only Pac-Man. This was originally an interactive Google Doodle from 2010, created for the Pac-Man 30th anniversary.


#3  Tic Tac Toe

Head over to Google Search and type “tic tac toe” and you will be up against the Google in the Tic Tac Toe match. You can set it to any difficulty level or play against your friend.


#4  Starcraft

Zerg Rush is Starcraft based game. Go to the Google search page and type in “zerg rush”.

O’s will start dropping from the top of your screen that gradually destroy the elements on the page and only you can save them. Protect your search results by clicking each “O” multiple times to destroy it.


#5  Atari Breakout

Now for a little change, instead of Google Search, head over to Google Image Search. Type in “atari breakout” and Google will instantly transform the whole result page into a Breakout game.


#6  Flip a Coin

If you don’t have a coin to flip and got to decide between two options, simply type in “flip a coin” and Google will flip a coin for you.

You can also ask Google from your smartphone or tablet to flip a coin, just say “flip a coin” to Google Voice Search.


#7  Roll a Die

If you ever struck between the six options, why not to take help from Google search, simply type in “roll a die” or “roll a dice” and Google will roll a die for you.

You can also ask Google from your smartphone or tablet to flip a coin, just say “roll a die” to Google Voice Search.


#8  1998

Do you want to check out how Google search results used to be look in 1998? Then search for “Google In 1998”.


#9  Animal Sounds

I found this one funny, type “what sound does a cow make” and it will play the appropriate sound. You can swap cow with few other animals.


#10  Conway’s Game Of Life

This one is confusing and pretty. Search “Conway’s game of life”, you will see that, the right-hand side of search result page is taken over by “living pixels”. And these living pixels evolves of its own accord. Leave them for few minutes and they will take over the whole page.


#11  Infinite Recursion Loop

Type “Recursion” into Google search and Google will ask “Did you mean: recursion?”. Clicking the word will bring up the same results every time. This is the infinite recursion loop.

#12  Solitaire

Last but not the least, move over to Google search and type in “solitaire” and you will get to play the classic card game Solitaire.


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