You must have researched a lot on buying a DSLR but not enough on the accessories which will be equally handy if you are serious about photography.

Here are the Top 10 DSLRs accessories you mush have:

1. Tripod

A tripod is essential because it provides a method of holding your camera at exactly the right angle and keeping it absolutely still so your images are pin-sharp and full with detail.

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap, flimsy tripod, though. You want something sturdy that will keep your camera still in a breeze and not wobble like a jelly every time you touch it or the camera

2. White Balance Cards

If you really want your white balance to be perfect, these cards work well for setting your camera’s settings or even for comparison when post editing. They may not be a ‘must-have’ for every day, but if you’re a blogger and trying to get better photos white balance cards will really help.

3. EYE-FI card

This little Eye-Fi Card automatically and wirelessly uploads photos from your camera to your computer. It only uploads the new photos but keeps the old photos on your camera until you hit ‘delete’. This can save your HOURS upon HOURS, plus it’s cordless. WIN.

4. External Flash

The internal flash of a DSLR is not that great and normally gives a bad result. If you’re a new photographer, here’s a tip: USING A FLASH IS THE DEVIL.

5. Remote release

A remote release allows you to trip the shutter without touching the camera, so it’s useful for longer exposures when the camera is on a tripod as it avoids introducing unwanted camera shake.

Many models also act as bulb timers to enable you to take exposures longer than 30 seconds and intervalometers that enable you to take a series of images at specific timer intervals for a specified duration.

6. Wrist Strap

A tight grip wrist trap can keep your camera comfortably secure while you hold it. It’s a must have accessory if you are too shaky while handling your camera and save your DSLR of any accidental damage.

7. Camera bag

If you’ve got a small camera and a single lens a bag may not seem essential, but it’s a good way to protect them in transport and it keeps rain and dust at bay. And as you build up a collection of lenses and accessories you’ll find that you need something to keep it all together and make it easier to carry.

Photo backpacks are a great way to carry heavy kit over long distances or uneven terrain, but because you usually have to take them off your back to access your gear, they can slow you down a bit.

Shoulder camera bags give speedy access, but as the weight is carried on one shoulder it can be uncomfortable with heavy loads over long distances.

8. Filters

Neutral density filters are incredibly popular because they enable you to take long exposure shots in daylight to blur cloud or water movement in landscapes. They also come in handy when you want to shoot with a very wide aperture in bright light.

Meanwhile, graduated neutral density filters enable you to balance the exposure of a bright sky with a darker foreground, and polarizing filters are useful to cut down on reflections and boost saturation and contrast.

9. Lens and sensor cleaners

Naturally, it’s important to keep your gear clean. A blower is useful for blowing specks and grit off your camera body and lens before giving it a wipe with a soft lens cloth.

It’s also advisable to invest in a sensor cleaning kit because, even though compact system cameras and DSLRs have in-built cleaning mechanisms, sticky pollen and the like can still find its way onto a sensor and it can take some shifting.

10. Lens hood

Although a lens hood is essential for shading the front element of a lens to prevent flare, some manufacturers don’t always ship them with their optics. If you have a lens without a hood, it’s a good idea to buy one.

Lens hoods are also really helpful for protecting the front element of a lens from spots of rain and the odd knock when carrying the camera.

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