With a smartphone, you can now navigate the world, play games, book tickets and cabs, order food online and so many things you can now do with your smartphone. However as smartphone become more powerful, allowing all these multi-functionalities running on your smartphone, no wonder smartphone batteries also struggle to last a day. On average, most smartphone batteries last between one and two days without in need of a recharge. And we are sharing some cool ways you can follow to save your phone battery life so that it last longer.


#1 Enable Auto-Brightness

The significant consumer of your phone battery life is phone screen. If your phone have Auto-Brightness then enable it, this will automatically adjust screen brightness to its ambient lighting environment. In result, reduces the amount of battery consumption your screen utilizes.

And if you does not have an Auto-Brightness feature on your smartphone, just simply adjust your screen brightness.


#2 Turn the Phone Off

Obviously, you do not like this options but when your phone is turned off, it consumes the minimum battery life. You can turn your phone off when you go to bed or when you are attending a meeting. This option is lot better than leaving your phone on inactive mode.


#3 Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

If you left Bluetooth, Wi-fi and GPS running in the background, these apps will continue to send and receive signals. If you are somewhere where there is no WiFi, or you aren’t using Bluetooth or GPS then turn them off. Leaving them running in the background consumes lot of your battery life to continuously do that.


#4 Use Airplane Mode

If you do not like the above two options (Turn the Phone Off and Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS), then you can go for Airplane Mode.


#5 Use Battery Saver Mode or Low Power Mode

If your phone battery is left with 20% of power, your phone offers an option to enable Battery Saver Mode( Low Power Mode in iPhone) which helps to prolong your battery life. When this is on some background apps and features are reduced or disabled.

You can enable Battery Saver Mode even when your phone battery has sufficient power, this will reduce a significant power consumption.


#6 Keep it Cool

Do not leave your phone in anywhere prone to high temperatures. Exposing your smartphone battery to excessive heat can cause battery malfunctions and the battery life will not last long.


#7 Limit your notifications

Limit your notifications you receive, way too many notifications not only annoy you but also consume some power each time you receive one.


#8 Limit Apps running in Background

Exit the apps that you do not need. If you do not close the app properly it will just sit in the background and keep consuming your phone battery power which you definitely do not want.


#9 Update your Apps

You should make sure your apps are up to date. While not always the case, apps updates include improvements in energy usage.


That’s all, follow these ways and you can save a significant amount of battery life. We hope you liked this article. Subscribe to our newsletter and get daily updates to your Inbox.

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