Howdy, Want to request an Uber ride for someone else who don’t have a smartphone or the Uber app? If yes, then with Uber it is now easier and possible. No trick behind it, Uber officially added this feature to its latest update that lets you request for a ride on behalf of another person.

How to request an Uber ride for someone else, no big deal, just follow the simple steps given below.

Before we begin

Make sure that Uber app installed on your smartphone is up-to-date.

To download and install the latest Uber app on your smartphone, head to the Google Play or Apple Store.

Download Uber from Apple Store Download Uber from Google Play

Now you are ready to go, here are the steps:

  • Select a pickup location, the app will prompt a message asking “Who will be riding?“. The message will prompt only when you select a pickup location away from your own location.

  • You now have two options to select- Someone else or Me(By default already selected). Select the option Someone else.
  • By selecting the option Someone else, you can then select the rider from your device contacts list and confirm the rider.

  • Select their destination location on their behalf and complete the request for a ride.

  • Now the selected rider will receive a text message with the trip details including driver’s details, license plate number, who is the payer, and a link to follow the driver’s route.
  • The rider and driver will be able to contact each other directly.

As for the payment, you can pay for the trip with the card stored in the app. If you select cash as the payment option then the rider can pay for the trip with cash at the end of the ride.

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