Yahoo mail is one of the most used Email service available nowadays. To use it, you need to have a valid Email address and the password associated with it. But in some extreme cases, you may have either forgotten your password or your account might be compromised. In such cases, you may feel the need to recover your Yahoo password so that you may start using it again.

Yahoo provides certain options to help you recover your password. But this is only possible if you verify your account. This can be done by verifying the alternate Email address and the phone number associated with it. This can be done by entering the code that is sent to the alternate Email address or phone number. In quite a few cases, you may not have access to these. Taking into consideration this situation, Yahoo has provided its users with a third option, i.e. Recover Yahoo password with the security question. This method too helps you verify your identity as you need to enter the answers to the questions that you had set while creating the account.

How to recover your Yahoo password with Security Question?

This process of Yahoo password recovery works in quite the same way as the other two methods to recover your password using the phone number and alternate Email address with slight variations. Just going through the steps below will help you perform the task that you intend to do.

  • Visit Yahoo Sign in helper page on your browser.
  • Here you will be asked to enter either of the three options related to your account, i.e. Sign-in email address or mobile number, Recovery phone number, or Recovery email address. But since you no longer have access to your Recovery phone number, or Recovery email address just enter your Sign-in Email address or the mobile number.
  • You may be asked to enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • After verifying that you are not a robot, you need to enter the missing numbers of your recovery phone number. If you remember your number enter it, or you may choose to skip this process by clicking on the button “No, I don’t know the digits”.
  • Then you are asked if you have access to the recovery Email. Select the option “I don’t have access to this email”.
  • Then you will be asked to verify your account with the help of Yahoo security questions.
  • Click on the button “Use my secret questions”.
  • Then one by one answer the security questions as they appear. Make sure that you make no mistakes while doing so.
  • After you have successfully answered all the questions, you will be taken to a new page where you can reset your Yahoo password.
  • Enter your new password twice and click on the Next button.
  • This successfully changes your password and the new password can be used right from that very instant.

Your Yahoo Email data is normally not deleted in this process, but if your account has remained accessed

for a longer time period, there are chances that your account will be deleted. Along with the same, your data that resides is also deleted. Hence it is a wise step to keep checking your Yahoo account at regular intervals.

It is also advised that you keep your Yahoo mail recovery information updated at all times.


  1. Hi !! Thanks for the question. My friend there is always a way. If you are not remembering the answer of your security question then you can also recover your yahoo password by your registered phone number. I hope this will answer your question. If any queries please feel to ask.

  2. Security question is equally important password recovery option But not much popular.Very Clear steps and.a must read blog for very tech freak.Thanks Angela. Willing to read more.

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