If you love playing PSP games then this post is definitely for you. This post can help you to play your favorite PSP on your Android phones.

The best way to play PSP games on Android is using an Emulator in your device. There are many PSP emulators available on the Google Play Store but the best known one is PPSSPP. It is an open-source and free to use app.

PPSSPPYou can download PPSSPP apk from its official site or install from Google Play. There is also a paid version of PPSSPP app which is known as PPSSPP Gold, it is same as the regular version except the icon (golden colour) and also removes the ads. The Gold version is more of plead for donation instead of a premium subscription. PPSSPP is also available on Google Play, and its official site.

After installing PPSSPP on Android, you need to create IOS images of PSP games. To legally turn your own PSP games into ISO files, you need to install “Custom Firmware” on your PSP. Then follow these steps:

  • Insert the UMD into your PSP.
  • Connect your PSP to your PC with a USB cable.
  • At the PSP menu, press Select. In the menu that pops up (only on Custom Firmware), choose to UMD as USB Device.
  • Still in the PSP menu, choose USB Connection in the Settings menu (to the left).
  • On your PC, a folder will pop up, containing a virtual ISO file. To copy the game to your PC, simply drag this to somewhere on your hard-drive and the copy will start. Done!

There are also tools to turn ISO files into CSO (compressed ISO) files to save space. PPSSPP also supports CSO files.

Now you have an ISO files of your PSP games, copy them to your Android phone.

You are almost near to run the PSP Games

Now launch PPSSPP and navigate to “Games” tab. Your phone folders will show up, navigate to the folder in which you have stored the ISO files.


Those ISO file will shows as a thumbnail.


Tap it to launch the game.




PPSSPP is most user friendly and convenient emulator we have tested. It has a lots of customization tweaks to improve the game play performances.



If you know of any better emulator to run PSP games on Android, let us know.

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