It’s an almost one and a half since Windows 10 has been released. Windows 10 provides many powerful tweaks and tools to you like Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Central Notification Center and many more which you definitely enjoy. But even with so many tweaks and facilities provided by Windows 10, Windows still does not surpassed the Linux OS.

Linux is still the World’s most popular operating system. It is favored because of its reliability, dependability and the most important efficiency. You can tweak every little detail you system.

“Is Linux better than Windows” which this article will list out to you.


Security is one of the principal reasons Linux got its popularity among the IT community.Windows comes complete with plenty of security holes and issues and slow patch releases by Microsoft. Even Linux also have some security issues but it is less susceptible to attacks and faster to fix problems.


In Linux you are the Boss! you can have a total control over everything. There is no restriction against you, if any directory is restricted, just run “Terminal” and change the permission of the directory. You will never get this much hold and control in your Windows 10.


There are about 60,000 viruses known for Windows so far and nearly 40 viruses for Linux. Windows OS are always susceptible to attacks from the viruses. And in case of Linux, only non-updated versions are likely to be susceptible to viruses.


Linux is fast, easy configurable and highly unlikely to be crashed. It also known for its ability to run for years without failure and more stable and secure than Windows which make Linux best suited to server use than Windows or any other competitors.

Release Cycle

Many Linux distributions (Distros) have a fixed release cycle of 6 months which makes it easy for them to incorporate all the latest applications, bug fixes, improvement and support for newer hardware. While Windows release cycle takes a few years, it is unpredictable how long you have to wait for another release.


All Linux Distributions (Distros) have a feature called ‘Live Boot’ in which you can boot from a DVD or USB image without having to actually install the OS on your system. This can be a great way to test out which Distro you want to install on your system. While Windows installations are lengthy and time-consuming but in this case lot simpler than Linux.

Shell Environment

Both Linux and Windows has shell environment. In Windows it known as ‘Command Prompt’. The shell environments in Linux such as ‘Terminal’ are more powerful than Windows Command Prompt. In ‘Terminal’ you can write entire programs using the scripting language and nearly anything you need to work in the Linux operating system.


Linux distribution (distros) can vary wildly in design and functionality. You can pick Distro according to your need, like for penetration testing, anonymous surfing and finding vulnerabilities in network systems, the best option to pick is Kali Linux. While in Windows you simply picking Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Development platform

If you are a developer, you will like Linux. Linux has all the development tools, libraries and compilers built-in. While in Windows you have to install IDE’s and SDK’s for development platforms.

Dual Boot

Linux makes it easy for it to exist with any other operating system. If you install Linux on a system which already has Windows, Linux will not mess your Windows. Windows on the other hand messes up your Linux partition, if it finds one. I myself using dual-boot of Windows and Linux for last 4 years.


I think most people will agree with these points. I am not concluding that there is nothing that Windows does better than Linux or you have to switch from Windows to Linux.

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