IOT Security

Today computers and internet are dependent on humans for information. But this is changing, ever since the Internet of Things (IoT) enters the field with humans. The IOT is a futuristic technology which states to become a system of interrelated computing devices. It is a network of physical objects embedded with internet connectivity enabling these objects to collect and exchange information.

2018 is when IoT will see a boom and e-commerce will see a halt. – Rohan Shravan, Founder & CEO, Notion Ink

Even this amazing technology also have a disadvantages. No matter which new technology emerges, security and privacy issues are always are the primary concerns. With IoT, the breach of privacy increases. All the data must be encrypted so that your personal data does not become common knowledge to everyone.
The below Infographic ( Security and the Internet of Things) is Presented by Computer Science Zone. This infographic detailed all the security and privacy aspects of IOT that you should know.

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