If you got quite a messy inbox that means you are using your primary Gmail account for all of your personal messages and work-related content. But you can get out of this situations and have clean and organized emails in your inbox forever. You should take the advantage of Gmail Labels and Filters features, this will organize your emails in inbox with custom labels you create. If you do not understand look at the below snapshot of my Gmail account.

This way you can manage all your emails according to your rules you setup. Follow the below steps to create your custom labels and filter out all incoming and current matching messages:

#Step 1   Obviously,  first log in to your Gmail account

#Step 2  Once you logged in, open any mail from a particular email address you want to create the filter and label it (in this case we will use messages from Instagram). Copy the sender email address.

#Step 3  Now click on the upper right corner of the screen, click the Settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) and choose the option “Settings”.

#Step 4  From the Settings window under Labels tab, scroll down and look for Labels section and click Create new label.

#Step 5  Type your desired label name (in this case we used Instagram and click create).

#Step 6  Your label name (Instagram) will now show in the Labels section.

#Step 7  Now go to Filters and Block Addressed Tab, and click Create a new filter.

#Step 8  Now new pop-up will appear, paste or type the sender email address in From field and click Create filter with this search. You can also fill other fields according to your need.

#Step 9  Now check the checkbox of Skip the Inbox and Apply the label, select your created label (Instagram), make sure you checked Also apply filter to matching conversations and click Create filter. Check other check boxes according to your need. You can also categorize the label.

#Step 10   If you successfully completed the above steps you’ll see a message that says: “Your filter was created“.

#Step 11  You are all done, you have successfully created a custom label and a filter for a particular email address. From now on all the incoming message from same email address will be filtered to the label.

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