First we have to clear up the confusion between the Deep Web and the Dark Web, to understand them we have to go through the all the different aspects of web.

Let us start with the Surface Web, it is available to the public and can be indexed by standard search engines. The surface web is that web you are most familiar with but the fact is that it is only the 4% of the whole web.

The remaining 96% of the web is what we call “Deep Web”. The Deep web can not be indexed by your standard search engines. To access the contents of the Deep Web you need a dedicated browser. TOR browser is most commonly used to access deep web.

The Deep Web contains a wealth of valuable information, but if you go deeper you will find Dark Web. You might think that both deep web and dark web are the same thing but they are not. One thing you have to keep in your mind that dark web is only a tiny portion of the deep web.

The Dark Web anonymity attracts criminal activity ranging from the sales of illegal drugs and trading of weapons and even the hiring of contract killers.

Internet Crime

The Deep Web once even has an illicit version of eBay, known as Silk Road, best known as a platform for selling illegal drugs. Later the FBI brought down the Silk Road and arrested the site founder.

You might now understand how dark and dangerous  the dark web is.

If you ever decide to use deep web for your research on any topics, you will definitely get valuable information. But for your own security and privacy protection, we highly recommend you to go through our How to become anonymous online? article.

The below infographic is provided by WhoIsHostingThis regarding the Deep Web :

Deep Web

Infographic Source: WhoIsHostingThis

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