Website logins, email accounts, social media accounts, banking accounts, smartphone pass codes, ATM pin, and home security alarms all requires password.

Do you use the same password for all these accounts?

Two-thirds of people use no more than two passwords for all their online accountsHALOCK Security Labs

And this habit makes your online accounts vulnerable to data theft and online scams. Even if you use multiple passwords (but weak passwords) for multiple online accounts, you are still vulnerable to these attacks.

The only solution to safeguard all your online accounts is to create a strong password. A strong password is memorable, combination of alphanumeric & special characters, more than eight characters and the most important it is impossible to guess by others.

The below Infographic is Presented by WhoIsHostingThis. This infographic provided all guidelines you should follow to construct the perfect password. So let’s get into it.


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Points to Remember: How to Create the Perfect Password (Infographics)

  1. Use lower and upper case letters, numbers and keyboard characters.
  2. Go for length over complexity.
  3. Don’t use Dictionary words, Slang, Names and Email addresses.
  4. Get yourself a password manage.
  5. Don’t disclose your password details to anybody.
  6. Be vigilant.

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