Social Media Addiction

So, what is the first thing you do after getting up? Let me guess, Is it checking your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp or any other social media network? And if I ask, what is the last thing you do before going to bed? The answer would be same. This is how you start your day and end your day.

We are living in the age of social media where having the multiple social media networks is not the big thing.

#Fact 1: The internet has 3.17 billion users.

#Fact 2: Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts

While there is a lot to be gained by using these social networks and lot to be lost.

Do you like spending “some time” on Social Media? If your answer is Yes!, then it’s good. But if I swap “some time” with “too much time” or “way too much time”, do you then like it? Think about it. Interacting with friends and socializing online is not a bad thing but do you realize how you have become addicted to these Social Media Networks.

A social media addiction can be more harmful than you think, it can be the cause of family problems and performance issues at schools, college or workplace. Admit that you have this problem and decide yourself that you need to address it before things get worse, it is better to gain control of your social media addiction (moderate your use).

7 Best Ways To Conquer Your Social Media Addiction

In this article, I have shared the best ways that will help you to control your social media addiction. So, let’s get started.

1. Limit Your Daily Usage To Social Media

This one takes willpower, but set yourself a daily limit of time you can spend on social media. And when you reach your time limit, just log out and don’t allow yourself to log in again for a day. If you set this plan into action, you will not be going to turn into the zombie, instead, you will soon realize that you now have more spare time to do something productive. Consider using a software or app that will allow you to block social media sites for a period of time each day.


2. Turn Off Your Push Notifications

Notifications can kill concentration. There is always something is happening in the online world and you don’t need to remind about it in every minute. When you stop these notifications you might find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks.


3. Discover New Hobby

Instead of spending your spare time aimlessly scrolling, pick up a new hobby to fill that time that does not require using a computer or smartphone in any way whatsoever. Doing something productive can be fruitful and it also keeps you engage in something.


4. Socialize With People Outside of Social Media

Plan a Meet-up with your like-minded people, join a club, organize a get-together. Whatever you choose, you’ll be socializing with new people in reality.


5. Spend More Time With Your Close Friends and Family

Social media addiction can steal your beautiful moments you can have with your close friends and family. Leave social media behind and get back to your friends and family in the real world and reconnect with them. You will realize quickly how soothing is to spending time with them.


6. Delete the Social Media Apps From Your Phone

Removing social media apps from your phone will not affect negatively in your life. Instead, now you have to log in through the web browser which is more of hassle and you are less tempted to do so.


7. Try Social Media Detox

Spend a week or two going Cold Turkey. Deactivate (not Delete) all your social media account or ask your trusted friends and family member to change your password so you can’t be tempted to log in. Some people find that it’s easier to quit using the sites altogether for a period of time than it is to attempt to moderate your use. You will quickly realize there’s more to life than social media.

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