You must have collected a pretty long list of email addresses over the years.

But it’s impossible to check each and every mail. The solution, then, is to create a single, unified inbox that collects all of my emails in one place. All of your emails flow into one inbox, and you can respond using any email address. Creating a unified inbox that collects all of your emails isn’t as complicated as it sounds and this article show you how to make it happen.

Combining your email accounts using Gmail can save you time. Here’s how:

  • Log into one account (your Gmail account) one time and get all your email messages at once. No need to log in and out of various accounts.
  • Eliminate time spent looking for lost passwords. You only have to keep track of one password–the password for your Gmail account.
  • Even if you want to send a message from another email account, you don’t have to log out. Gmail lets you choose which email account you send each message from.
  • Keep your different mailboxes organized in Gmail. With a Gmail filter, you can quickly see which messages go with which email.

Here’s how to combine your Gmail accounts into one single inbox:

Step 1

In Gmail, click the gear icon to the right and select Settings. Choose the Accounts and Import tab.


Within Send Mail As, click Add Another Email Address You

Enter the secondary email address. You may also edit the displayed name and specify a different reply-to address. Gmail prompts you to verify the secondary email

When prompted by Gmail, send the verification message to the secondary email address.

In the verification email, you’ll find a confirmation code and confirmation link.

Enter the confirmation code in the Verification window in Gmail, or click the confirmation link in the email. Gmail displays another popup confirmation.

Click Confirm to continue the process. You will see a confirmation success popup display.

The Gmail account may now send email as the secondary email account. Repeat the process for all of the email addresses you’d like to use in Gmail.

When complete, there will be a new From drop-down in the Compose New Message window.


Select the address from which you would like to send email from the drop-down menu.

While it may seem like you have to abandon old email accounts or schedule time to check various accounts still in use, with a little effort, you can get all of your email merged in one Gmail inbox. If you have any trouble combining your email accounts in Gmail, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll help you figure out how to get it working.

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