If you are concerned about your internet privacy exploitation and like some people worried about staying safe from their internet service provider and their own government, then the best way for you to become anonymous online is to try The Onion Routing aka TOR.

What is TOR?

TOR is a 3rd party tool to make you online activities and traces invisible. TOR goes a long way to make sure that your online activities is as anonymous as possible.

How TOR works?

The TOR network runs through the computer servers of thousands volunteers forming a vast network of relays known as TOR relays spread throughout the world. If you using TOR network your online communication is bounces through these networks of TOR relays which disables any measure to track you and your activities.

How to use TOR?

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To use the advantages of TOR network, you need a client or software that interact with the TOR network.
TOR browser is what you need. This browser bundle contains everything you need to safely browse the Internet.
It is free, self extracting package for windows, MAC and Linux.And it automatically connect to the TOR network.
However you must avoid using TOR browser in you Windows because Windows is full of key-loggers and security bugs which may compromise your anonymity. But Linux and MAC is still safe for TOR browser.

Best Operating System for TOR

The three best OS for TOR is Kali, Tails and Qubes. All these are free open source OS. And the best among these three are Tails. The very aim of Tails is to preserve your anonymity and privacy. It is alive operating system that can start on almost any computer from DVD, USB stick or SD card.
Tails send its traffic through TOR network and also comes with bundled software including TOR browser and various encryption and privacy tools.

How to Stay Anonymous on Your Android Phone?

For those who want to become anonymous on their Android phone, TOR is available for Android by installing the app name Orbot. Orbit is free proxy app that empowers other apps to use the internet more securely. You have to install
either the Orfox or OrWeb with the Orbot to enable the connection to TOR network. Orfox is an app that brings the TOR browser experience to your android and OrWeb is the most privacy-enhancing web browser on android.
For some android devices you need a root access to install Orbot.


Some Do’s and Don’ts

1) Don’t use Windows:
As I already warned you above that windows contains many key-loggers and security bugs that may compromise your privacy, even when using Tor.

2) Do download a updated TOR clients:
You must regularly, or preferably daily, update Tor client and the operating system of your computer.

3) Do Encrypt your Data Storage:
TOR do anonymize your online activities not you storage data information. Always store your information encrypted.

4) Do delete Cookies:
Cookies can store the user internet usage and can detect your real identity so you must always drop cookies while using Tor to protect your privacy.

5) Don’t use your Real Email:
You should not use your real email address on any websites while using Tor. Tor is used to protect online privacy and hide real identity. How can you hide your real identity if you’re giving out your real email on the websites?

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