Howdy, Smartphone addiction or digital dependency on smartphones is turning as a more serious “nomophobia” or “no-mobile-phone-phobia” causing harmful effects on user’s personal and social life. It even affects user’s health negatively.

Recent studies suggest that this type of digital dependency is increasing stress and anxiety in user’s life. It further displays social, personal, physical and psychological consequences in a negative way.

To deal with the situation, one possible way is to live smartphone free life (with some limitations) which is only possible by adhering strict regime to stay away from unnecessary smartphone activities.To help you with this app, we have some amazing apps here that not only helps you reduce your digital footprint but it is also effective to re-connect you with more important things in life.

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So without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at the 10 Best Apps to Beat Smartphone Addiction

#1 Social Fever (Download)

Social Fever is a smart solution to help you deal with smartphone addiction effortlessly. This powerful tool works on advanced algorithms to keep a tab on your smartphone usage to help you reduce the unnecessary time you are spending on it.

You can use this tool to minimize app usage, set usage goals, and set interests. Here, you can view the history to plan your smartphone usage in a much better way. It even sends you reminders when you spend long hours on your smartphone watching movies or listening to your favourite music. This is a useful feature to keep your ear and eye health intact.

It allows you to set numerous alerts including app usage alert, device usage alert, total time used, number of screens unlocks etc. In other features, it offers reports, the phone unlocks logs and backstage power saving. Use this smart tool to re-connect with the real world.

#2 Block Apps

Block Apps - More Productivity & Focus
Block Apps - More Productivity & Focus

As the name suggests, Block Apps help you block usage of all unnecessary apps to save your time for more important things. Here, you need to create multiple schedules (or blocks) where you need to mention the list of apps to be blocked along with the time window and days to block the selected apps. And set schedules or blocks will be activated when your screen is on.

It allows you to start a block at any given time instantly and even allows you to undo your changes. It displays all active blocks in real-time in the notification bar to keep you notified.

#3 iFocusMode

iFocusMode offers an interesting solution to help you deal with your smartphone addiction. Here, it asks you to set time and duration to use different apps and bet on this challenge with digital coins. Once you use any of these apps during the specified or set time you will lose all your coins else you will get 20% hike on your bet. Here, you need to buy these digital coins with the real money thus stakes remain higher always.

This is a smart solution to deal with your apps and smartphone addiction.

#4 AppBlock

AppBlock - Bleib konzentriert
AppBlock - Bleib konzentriert

AppBlock allows you to temporarily block all distracting apps on your Android device to keep you stay focused on more important things. Here, you can add any app to block list and you will be barred from using it for a set period of time. It further allows you to disable annoying notifications from particular app/s.

You can protect this app with a passcode and create profiles with all necessary rules for the group of particular applications. It even allows you to block email notifications when you are on leave or don’t want to get distracted with email notifications.

#5 Phone Addiction Blocker

Phone Addiction Blocker is a nifty tool that is designed to help you deal with “nomophobia” effectively. Here, it allows you to lock your smartphone for a certain period of time to help fight smartphone addiction and save your time.

It is designed to temporarily block you out from your smartphone device disallowing you to access apps or anything on it. Though app offers rigid module still it is useful when you are badly affected by smartphone addiction.

#6 Stay Focused

Stay Focused - App Block
Stay Focused - App Block
Developer: Innoxapps
Price: Free+

This smart app simply helps you “Stay Focused” on more important things in life than simply spending/wasting time on your smartphone device checking unnecessary apps. Here, you can block any app on your device for a specified period of time to save your precious time.

It displays time spent on blocked apps when the app is unblocked, and app usage history in addition to total time spent on different apps. Further, it offers features like quick play pause, block notifications, strict mode, offtime, lock mode and lot more.

#7 App Usage

App Usage is an essential tool for your Android device to keep a tab on total app usage on your device. Here, it displays app usage history, phone history and activity history to help you monitor, manage and reduce unnecessary app usage.

Further, it sends you alerts when you overuse your device for long hours. In addition to that, it helps you monitor most used apps and track all installed apps for better management. It offers 1-tap uninstaller feature to help you uninstall all unnecessary apps instantly.

#8 Quality Time

Use this powerful app to keep a tab on your smartphone usage from morning to night. It offers easy-to-navigate “Timeline” option to help you organize your smartphone usage. It offers the bunch of useful features like total device usage detail, screen unlocks, app usage and much more. Here, you can find previous day phone usage history on every morning to manage your smartphone usage for today.

Further, it sends you hourly usage history and displays app usage to organize resource-hungry apps. Here, it allows you to exclude any app from scanning process to keep your personal apps untouched.

#9 Detox Procrastination Blocker

Use this futuristic solution to detox your mind and body from digital intoxication. This smart tool offers abundant useful features to not only reduce your smartphone usage but it is also useful to save your precious time. Here, you can set the timer to use any specific app to avoid overuse of unnecessary apps. It allows you to set the timer for up to 11 hours of smartphone free time to connect with social life.

Further, it displays app usage timer and allows you to uninstall unnecessary apps.

#10 RealizD

RealizD is a simple yet powerful tool that offers numerous useful features bundled in a single app. It displays phone usage at different intervals where you can view phone usage history on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. Here, you can view information like how many times you pick a phone, total screen unlocks, app usage, time intervals between phone pick, busy hours and much more.

It even helps you to control your device usage by setting notifications and screen free challenge. Here, its “My Device” feature is useful to monitor smartphone usage on multiple devices simultaneously.

Conclusion: Using smart apps to beat your smartphone addiction is the best way possible to help you re-connect you with real-life things. These apps not only help you reduce your smartphone addiction but it is also useful to save you some precious time to connect you with family and friends and take care of yourself. We suggest you use these apps for instant and effective results.

That’s all folks. Let us know in the comments which ones you like, and if we missed any good ones!

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