Do you maintain more than one Gmail accounts, some for your personal use and others for your professional work? We all are always available for our personal emails but not for work emails. We do not want to be get interrupted by these emails related to work during our vacations or trips, but we can not ignore them even if we received one.

But there is a way to avoid these office email to interrupt you during your vacations, by setting up an Out of Office email auto-responder. This will auto-respond to the emails received by your  Gmail account. By autoresponder, we mean automated email to the sender, notifying that you are now not available. You can create a custom Email template including the message you want to convey to all the senders. You can also provide the reason for your unavailability and also set the end time of your auto-responder.

How to Set Up an Out of Office Auto-Responder Email

Follow the 6 simple steps given below and have a nice email free vacations:

#Step 1   Obviously,  first log in to your Gmail account.

#Step 2  Now click on the upper right corner of the screen, click the Settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) and choose the option “Settings”.

#Step 3  From the Settings window under General tab, scroll down and look for Vacations responder section.

#Step 4  Enable the Vacations responder by clicking the radio button label with ‘Vacation responder on’.

#Step 5  Now you have set the ‘First day‘ from which you are going to unavailable to attend any email. Set the ‘Last day‘ (optional) if you exactly know when you are going to return to work. Type the subject and your message to the sender(s).

#Step 6  Click on Save Changes and you are all done. You have now successfully setup an Out of Office auto-responder.

Email received by a sender from autoresponder is shown in the below image:

That’s all. Here we only shared the way to setting up auto-responder in Gmail. But the autoresponder feature is available in most of the Web-based e-mail service. In later posts, we will also share the way to setting up auto-responder in other Web-based e-mail services.

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