After the flop show from Samsung Note 7 last year Samsung came will all blazing gun with Galaxy S8 and it has taken over the Android market.

Let’s compare the top Android Smartphones in the market. The contenders are Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and the Google Pixel.

We will compare the smartphones with following aspects:


LG has produced the heaviest of these three smartphone contenders with the LG G6, which weighs in at 163 grams. Again, the Pixel is the niftiest in this department, with the 143g weight of the Google device being smaller than each of its contenders. The heaviest is the LG G6, which weighs in at 163 grams, despite having a slightly smaller display than the recent Galaxy S8 release.

Advantage: Pixel


Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 benefits from the largest display of the three smartphone contenders, featuring a striking 5.8-inch wraparound screen. The LG G6 is just 0.1 inches smaller, with a 5.7-inch display included while the 5.0-inch display of the Google Pixel is starting to look rather small by modern standards.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


The LG G6 and Galaxy S8 feature extremely similar resolution, although technically the Galaxy S8 has an incredibly marginal edge. The 1,440 x 2,960 resolution of the Galaxy S8 means that it is capable of displaying 80 pixels per row more than the LG G6. The Google Pixel delivers full HD resolution.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


As the newest of these three smartphones, it is perhaps not surprising that the Galaxy S8 features the most powerful processor.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


Each of the other three devices compared here have been armed with 4GB of RAM memory. There were rumors that the Galaxy S8 would contain 6GB, but these turned out to be unfounded.

Advantage: Galaxy S8, LG G6, and Google Pixel



This is one area in which Pixel has been acclaimed for offering consumers a greater amount of choice, with two differing models of the Pixel delivering up to 128GB of native storage. This double that of the 64GB of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

Advantage: Pixel


Cameras are becoming ever more important in the smartphone marketplace, and thus it is perhaps unsurprising that these three contenders offer extremely similar snapper provisions. The LG G6 has the most powerful camera in megapixel terms, offering a 13-megapixel unit. But the f/1.7 aperture of the Galaxy S8 is the most impressive figure of the four.

Advantage: LG G6


The LG G6 is the clear winner in this department, and it is rather odd that Samsung has chosen not to include a larger battery in the recent Galaxy S8. However, there could be logistical reasons for this spec, hence the LG device can remain out in front of the crowd here.

The Pixel comes with a battery life of 2770 mAh.

Advantage: LG G6


It is always difficult to assess prices of mobile devices, with the vast and diverse marketplace available to consumers. Thus, this article compares the prices available at, rather than looking at multiple retailers.

And it is the LG G6 that comes out the winner at the world’s biggest retailer. It is possible to pick up a model of the LG G6 for just $557 on Amazon.

Unsurprisingly, considering that it has only just been released, the Galaxy S8 retails at $715.  The Google Pixel is somewhat more affordable than the Galaxy S8, but the $600 price tag does seem a little steep considering its relative size.

Advantage: LG G6

From the detailed comparison the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are on the neck to neck battle. But the LG G6 is on the heavier side so the clear winner is the brand new Galaxy S8 which is already going berserk in the market.




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