Two of our previous articles are detected to How to Remotely Control Your PC From a Smartphone and How To Remotely Control YouTube on PC From Your Smartphone. And now this article we have dedicated to things you can now do with your Smartphone. Today at GIZEST, we are sharing about 6 Amazing Gadgets that can turn your Smartphone into more Smarter Phone.

Square Register

Say Good Bye! to old static card payment transaction system. The revolutionary Square Register is soon going to replace it. It accepts any credit card payment anytime, anywhere. Square Register is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Install the app and sign up for Square. When you are done with sign up you will get your free magstripe reader (Point-Of-Sale Equipment). You can also buy Square Credit Card Reader from Amazon ($4.99).

FLIR One Thermal Imager

You can now transform your phone into a thermal infrared camera with FLIR One. It is light weight and easy plugs in to your smartphone charging. It supports both Android and iPhone devices. FLIR ONE allows you to measure temperature variances. Just plug in it to your smartphone and point your phone at an area and you can see that area from a thermal perspective. You can also capture and share thermal images and videos.

Buy FLIR One for Android and iOS from Amazon (Price starts at $215 )

Nest Learning Thermostat

Those Days, when you walk into a too warm house or freezing house, are going to be over. Now the cool device called Nest Learning Thermostat is replacing the traditional thermostats. You can control Nest Thermostat from your smartphone via Nest App (available for iOS and Android) to adjust the temperature away from home.
Nest also learns and continually adapts to changes. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you typically make.
Buy Nest Learning Thermostat from Amazon (Price starts at $245)

Viper SmartStart

Can your smartphone remote start, lock, unlock, honk the car, release the trunk, check car status or locate your car from anywhere? We don’t think so but Viper SmartStart can make these tasks possible for your smartphone.Viper SmartStart provides you an entirely new level of interaction with your vehicle. To connect your smartphone to car, download the SmartStart App (available for iOS and Android), install SmartStart in your car and Sign up to SmartStart Account.

If you do not have a remote start or security system, then you can buy complete Viper SmartStart systems from Amazon (Price $190$399) that have everything you need to Connect Your Car.


Do you have a pet? If yes then you should know about Petcube. Petcube is a device that lets you watch your pet even when you are not at home. You can also talk to it and even play with it remotely using your Smartphone. Download the Petcube App (available for iOS and Android) and get ready to rock and roll with your pets.

Buy Petcube from Amazon (Price starts at $129)

Philips Hue Lighting Kit

What if you can create and control your home lighting using your smartphone and personalize your lighting to suit your lifestyle. This is possible by the Philips hue. Sync it to your smartphone, and you can turn your lights on or off remotely from anywhere and set up schedules and trigger other actions to turn them on or off. Download Philip App (available for iOS and Android) and tune your home.

Buy Philips Hue from Amazon (Price starts at $149)

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