WhatsApp Tricks

15 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips You (Probably) Don’t Know About

WhatsApp had more than 1 billion monthly active users. Chances are if you know someone with a smartphone, they’ve got WhatsApp. No other messaging platform can beat WhatsApp for reliability, simplicity and the sheer number of contacts using it. So without any doubt, we can say that Whatsapp is the best all-around instant messaging app. 5 crazy 

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Battery Life

Top 9 Proven Ways To Prolong Your Smartphone Battery Life

With a smartphone, you can now navigate the world, play games, book tickets and cabs, order food online and so many things you can now do with your smartphone. However as smartphone become more powerful, allowing all these multi-functionalities running on your smartphone, no wonder smartphone batteries also struggle to last a day. On average, most smartphone batteries 

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